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"CBWW recognizes that empowering black women leads to the empowerment of the family and, eventually, the empowerment of the community."

Our Staff

Jemea <span> Dorsey</span>

Jemea Dorsey

President/ CEO
Center for Black Women’s Wellness
Dawn <span>Carter</span>

Dawn Carter

Director of Finance
Ricky <span>Pittman</span>

Ricky Pittman

Development Manager
Tamiko <span> Burgess</span>

Tamiko Burgess

Office Administrator/Volunteer Manager
Keri <span>Hall</span>

Keri Hall

Program Specialist
Natasha <span> Worthy</span>

Natasha Worthy

Senior Program Manager/AHS Program Manager
Kristi <span>Ali</span>

Kristi Ali

Care Management Coordinator
Catrina <span> Williams</span>

Catrina Williams

Family Support Worker
Tekesia <span> Shields</span>

Tekesia Shields

Family Support Worker
Rahkia <span> Williams</span>

Rahkia Williams

Family Support Worker
Felicia <span>Howard</span>

Felicia Howard

Family Support Worker
NeDiedra <span>Motley</span>

NeDiedra Motley

Family Support Worker
Ponchitta <span>">

Ponchitta "Perez" Davis

Family Support Worker
April <span>Reid</span>

April Reid

Wellness Program Manager
Patsy <span> Sarnor</span>

Patsy Sarnor

Wellness Program Coordinator
Marcia <span>Worrell</span>

Marcia Worrell

Wellness Assistant
Latoya <span>Hampton</span>

Latoya Hampton

Clinic Coordinator
Tarelle <span>Faulkner</span>

Tarelle Faulkner

Front Office/Clinic Clerk
Katrina <span>Walls</span>

Katrina Walls

Administrative Assistant
Watrina <span> Watson</span>

Watrina Watson

Outreach Coordinator
Sharneta <span> O'Neal</span>

Sharneta O'Neal

Outreach Worker
Veronica <span> Royal</span>

Veronica Royal

Outreach Worker

Clinic Team

Dr. Thomas <span> Taylor</span>

Dr. Thomas Taylor

Medical Director, Wellness Clinic
Amy <span>Gaynor</span>

Amy Gaynor

Nurse Practitioner, Wellness Clinic
Alexis <span>Ahonen</span>

Alexis Ahonen

Nurse Practitioner, Wellness Clinic
Ragan <span>Aughtry</span>

Ragan Aughtry

Medical Assistant
Monica <span>Scott </span>

Monica Scott

Medical Assistant
Daniel <span>Geller</span>

Daniel Geller

Nurse Practitioner, Volunteer Medical Director, Safety Net Clinic
Dr. Paul <span>Donnan</span>

Dr. Paul Donnan

Volunteer, Safety Net Clinic

Board of Directors

Anna <span>Avelino</span>

Anna Avelino

MA Board Chair
Benefits Manager
Concessions International
Angelia C.<span>Brevard</span>

Angelia C.Brevard

Grady Health System
Dr. Jada <span>Bussey-Jones</span>

Dr. Jada Bussey-Jones

MD, FACP Board Vice-Chair
Chief, Emory at Grady General Internal Medicine and Geriatrics, Professor of Medicine
Emory University School of Medicine
Denise T. <span>Dauphin</span>

Denise T. Dauphin

Accounting Economics & Appraisal Group
Deidra <span>Dukes</span>

Deidra Dukes

WAGA-TV, Fox 5 Atlanta
Lee <span>Eastwood</span>

Lee Eastwood

CCIM Fund Development Committee Chair
Eastwood Real Estate Services, LLC
Dr. Saundra <span>Maass-Robinson</span>

Dr. Saundra Maass-Robinson

Psychiatrist, Private Practice
D’Andrea J. <span>Morning</span>

D’Andrea J. Morning

Esq. Secretary
Senior Associate General Counsel
Grady Health System
Beena <span>Thomas</span>

Beena Thomas

Vice President, Business
Rally Health
Randi M. <span>Warren</span>

Randi M. Warren

Esq. Associate
Hawkins Parnell Thackston & Young LLP